Dr Stephen Hollander  
Dr Unna Chidambaram
Dr Madeleine Brisbout
Dr Jasper Brisbout
Dr Michael Fong

Oral Health Therapists:
Sidney Marshall
Vanessa Vidler

Dental Hygienists:
Kaye Ioannidis
Tiffany Do

Hillarys Beach Dental Centre

Suite 41, Medical Centre
Hillarys Shopping Centre
110 Flinders Ave
Hillarys, Western Australia 6025

P. (08) 9403 6400
E. info at hillarysbeachdental dot com dot au

Kingsley village Dental Centre

Suite 2, 62 Creaney Drive
Kingsley, Western Australia, 6026

P. (08) 9409 7424
E. info at kingsleydental dot com dot au

It is our goal to provide you with the very best in dentistry, performed to the highest standards in the utmost comfort.

With our ongoing education program, we stay current with modern dentistry to bring you the very best dental care experience. We use modern up-to-date, technologies and methodologies for accurate and efficient diagnoses and your maximum comfort and safety.

Being fully computerised means all patient records are recorded on dedicated dental software. This allows us to access your records from either practice, which means greater flexibility for you to attend either location.

Digital Radiography (X-rays)
Our practices employ the latest digital radiography techniques including digital intra-oral and OPG radiography. This does not require the use of ‘conventional film’ and developing procedures. The radiographic image is captured immediately by the computer software and can be viewed immediately. The advantage is that this method is conducive to greater diagnostic accuracy, and more importantly, requires only a fraction of the exposure required by “conventional” film radiography. This is why we believe the digital radiography technique is safer for our patients.

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