Dr Stephen Hollander  
Dr Unna Chidambaram
Dr Madeleine Brisbout
Dr Jasper Brisbout
Dr Michael Fong

Oral Health Therapists:
Sidney Marshall
Vanessa Vidler

Dental Hygienists:
Kaye Ioannidis
Tiffany Do

Hillarys Beach Dental Centre

Suite 41, Medical Centre
Hillarys Shopping Centre
110 Flinders Ave
Hillarys, Western Australia 6025

P. (08) 9403 6400
E. info at hillarysbeachdental dot com dot au

Kingsley village Dental Centre

Suite 2, 62 Creaney Drive
Kingsley, Western Australia, 6026

P. (08) 9409 7424
E. info at kingsleydental dot com dot au

Reinvigorate your look and restore your smile and confidence with our range of cosmetic dentistry options.

Our highly qualified dentists can improve discoloured, misaligned, heavily chipped, broken and missing teeth using a variety of the latest cosmetic techniques available.

These include teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges; and implant dentistry. We are an amalgam-free practice. That means you will not end up with any unsightly amalgam fillings.

We aim to provide the highest standard of comfort and care to deliver brilliant results that will keep you smiling.

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